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Mayumi Eguro Fortepiano
Belén Nieto Galán Flute
Sarah Aßmann Oboe
Diederik Ornée  Clarinet
Hylke Rozema Natural horn
José Rodrigues Gomes Bassoon

The Thalia Ensemble is an inspiring classical music ensemble playing on historical instruments, formed by six young, dynamic musicians from all corners of the world, who met in Amsterdam. There we discovered our common passion for chamber music played on historical instruments and according to historical performance practices.

We believe that music is our deepest form of self-expression. It is our greatest aim and gift to communicate among each other and with an inspired audience, with and through our music-making. While we are convinced that there is no “early”, “old”, “modern” or “new” music, but instead just “music”, we also believe that playing the pieces on historical instruments and bearing in mind the adequate historical interpretation techniques for each individual work, is the best way to bring to life the special characteristics of that music which is so inspiring for us, and which we consider to be timeless.

The core of the Thalia Ensemble consists of fortepiano, flute, oboe, clarinet, natural horn and bassoon, but the instrumental forces can vary from duo to octet settings, embracing the full repertoire of chamber music for wind instruments from 1750 to 1850. In our various formations, we constantly research on the most adequate and up-to-date historically informed interpretation techniques, as well as on the sound palettes and richness of timbres of the different instrumental combinations chosen for each concert, which makes them unique and memorable experiences.

Since the beginning of 2011, the Thalia Ensemble has established itself as a leading ensemble in the field of classical and early romantic chamber music. We performed in various Dutch and German concert series, as well as in Belgium, England and Portugal, and had the privilege to play on many valuable historical pianos. In August 2012, we were ’Selected Promising Ensemble’ in the International Young Artist’s Presentation in Antwerp. In July 2013, we won first prize in the York Early Music International Young Artists’ Competition and in July 2014 our first CD will be recorded in York and released with Linn Records.

Thalia Ensemble